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“Swing”tionary (casual terms to learn)

420: somebody who is cannabis friendly

AC/DC: anybody who enjoys both the exact same intercourse and opposite gender intercourse; Bi; Bisexual.

ADULT: Intimately oriented material; Pornographic

Each CULTURES: individual or few whom enjoys any and all sorts of fetishes and activities that are sexual.

UNITED STATES CUSTOMS: the person on top, basic missionary position.

RECTAL INTERCOURSE /GREEK HERITAGE: anal sex; “Butt material. ”

ANALINGU: Oral contact or stimulation associated with anal area of 1 partner by kissing, licking, or drawing for the other; “Eating ass. ”

ARTS: Euphemism for fetishes.

BANGOVER: when you experience a hangover that is wicked your pussy hurts. Often an indication of a night that is good.

BAREBACK: Sex with out a condom

B&D, B/D, or BDSM: Bondage and control; utilization of various ways to restrain somebody while administering control, often carried out by a “master” to his/her “servant. ” Including often sadomasochism/sadism whenever lumped in as BDSM.

BI/Bisexual: Has relationships that are sexual men and women (see AC/DC).

BI-CURIOUS: a female or male who’s thinking about attempting same-sex tasks.

BIZARRE: uncommon intimate desires, in comparison with your person with average skills.

BONDAGE: a intimate fetish by which restraints such as ropes, chains, fabric or fabric straps are acclimatized to bind, connect or hold a participating intimate partner. The individual doing the binding is recognized as “dominant” even though the individual being bound is regarded as “submissive. “

BULL: Inside the context of cuckolding, a bull is a male that is sexually dominant becomes associated with people in cuckold relationships. A bull has intercourse because of the ladies in these relationships while perhaps embarrassing or cuckolding their male lovers.

A bull are often called a swinger bull, or an alpha male, even though this term isn’t used solely to explain bulls. The expression bull may also be used in a basic option to make reference to any male associated with a couple aside from their particular part (bull, boyfriend or Dom). Just like a General normally nevertheless a soldier, however the reverse is not typically true, a Dom can be a bull.

CAN ENTERTAIN AND/OR TRAVEL: Person prepared to invite other people for their house for swinging and/or prepared to happen to be your house to move.

CANING: A spanking fetish employing a light cane frequently bamboo or other light timber.

CHEATING: sexual intercourse with other people without partner’s knowledge and/or consent. Also see “not cool. ”

CLEAN: Hygienic; free from sexually diseases that are transmitted.

CLOSED DOOR/CLOSED SWINGING: intimate conversation among partners utilizing split spaces, frequently when you look at the house that is same. Provides no more than privacy.

CABINET SWINGER: an one who hides the known undeniable fact that he or she petite teen sex is a swinger.

COUPLE/CPL: In moving, a guy and a female. Could be hitched, residing together, committed (on going relationship) or even a solitary few dating for moving purposes.

CUCKOLD: whilst the originally meaning could be the spouse of the wife whom cheats, it offers come to suggest (most of the time) a spouse whoever wife plays about it without him and comes home to tell him. It may suggest a spouse whom watches their spouse have fun with other people, or perhaps is obligated to watch. This will additionally be reversed regarding the spouse. There are certain variants associated with the utilization of the term as it encompasses unique.

COMMUNITY: Euphemism for Fetish or Arts.

CUNNILINGUS: Stimulation associated with the clitoris and vagina by the lips particularly the tongue and lips, and quite often one’s teeth. (though it’s undoubtedly better to ask first. Ouch)

D&D Complimentary: Medication and Disease free

DILDO: An synthetic penis, frequently made from plastic or synthetic, for intimate stimulation of this vagina and often the anal area.

MANAGER: Term defines the principal individual who operates or perhaps runs a move club, usually the owner. An individual who works for the manager and it is in charge of celebration or club procedure whether or perhaps not for pay, is usually known as a Manager.

CONTROL: a intimate fetish for which one partner dominates one other, a participant that is willing. Usually includes real punishment for the partner that is submissive varies from real discipline to moderate spankings to painful beatings.

DISCREET OR DISCERNMENT: Asking those who write or call to work out caution in order that kids or other individuals who may start mail or solution phone won’t be offended and/or made conscious of the activity that is swinging.

DOCILE: ready to get bondage and/or control.

DOMESTIC TRAINING: Submissive obedience to household chores of a romantic and embarrassing nature.

DOMINANT: a sexual partner in charge of a prepared partner that is submissive.

DP: Double penetration

DRAMA: Generally utilized to describe individuals who should be swingers n’t. They typically show violence or envy whilst in the presence of other people when you look at the life style.

ELLIS: a generally speaking accepted code name utilized to determine people in the moving life style. Ellis is short for L.S. (life style). Issue “will you be buddy of Ellis? ” could be used to help determine an associate for the life style without compromising privacy.

ENGLISH COMMUNITY: intimate stimulation from spanking or caning.

EXHIBITIONIST: Behavior by which a specific experiences arousal that is sexual pleasure from displaying his/her body. Enjoys being watched.

FAMILY VERY VERY FIRST: often in a advertisement on a life style web web site to point that the users have actually young ones and may also have dilemmas time that is making enjoyable. Will most likely simply take a longer that is little get acquainted with these partners.

FELLATIO/FRENCH CUSTOMS: Sexual stimulation regarding the penis because of the lips, particularly because of the tongue and lips and sometimes teeth.

FETISH: Sexual arousal and pleasure through utilization of non-sexual things, actions or non-genital structure.

FLAGELLATION: intimate stimulation produced by pain, frequently whipping or spanking.

FLUID BONDING: non-safe sex fluid exchange that is including.

COMPLETE SWAP: Means the few has sex that is penetrative other partners.

FUN AND GAMES: Euphemism for sexual intercourse.

GAY: a person that is homosexual man or woman. A female that is gay additionally be known as a Lesbian.

GANGBANG: Three or even more men for a female that is single.

GENEROUS: relates to money for intercourse.

GROUP PLACE: area set aside for team intercourse, generally furnished with wall-to-wall mattresses or pads. Term is commonplace in western US.

GROUP SEX: moving; sexual intercourse between three or higher people.

HALL PASS: a phrase to indicate this 1 or perhaps one other person in a few has authorization to own intercourse outside the existence of this other individual.

ROUGH CORE/HARD SWINING: an event that is move swing engagement where intimate connection is thought and expected.

HEDONIST: Someone whom lives for pleasure.